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The Sweeney – 2012 (BluRay Review)

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Runtime: 112 min


Genre: Action/Crime/Drama


Release Date: 12 September 2012 (UK)


Director: Nick Love


Writers: John Hodge, Nick Love (screenplay)


Cast Of Characters:


Damian Lewis …Frank Haskins

Hayley Atwell…Nancy

Allen Leech…Simon Ellis

Ray Winstone …Jack Regan

Mark Killeen…Spook

Ben Drew…George Carter

Steven Mackintosh…Ivan Lewis

Paul Anderson…Allen

Alan Ford…Harry

Kara Tointon…Megan

Steven Waddington…Nathan Miller

Caroline Chikezie…Clarke

Ed Skrein…Allen’s Mate 2

Allan Corduner…Doctor

Susan Fordham…Office Worker



Jack Reagan is a slobbish, old style cop whose unsubtle methods usually get results, to the annoyance of internal affairs officer Lewis, who would be even more annoyed if he knew that Reagan was having an affair with his young wife, policewoman Nancy. After Reagan disobeys orders and a shoot-out in central London following a bank hold-up ends in carnage he is stripped of office and briefly imprisoned. However, thanks to the loyalty of his young protégé George Carter and a little string pulling from his superior Frank Haskins Reagan is released to bring down the villains in a gun battle at Gravesend marina, ensuring the continued existence of his department – the Sweeney. Written by don @ minifie-1


The DVD Archive Review: Ray Winstone as Jack Reagan and Ben Drew as George Carter encrust the parts of the notorious Flying Squad, a well-known and documented department of the British Police that just didn’t take any shit – just a result. So, when there is a heist and an innocent bystander killed in cold blood, it is the Detective work of the notorious department that attempts to thwart a second armed robbery, only this time it is a large bank in London.

Unfortunately, mitigating evidence and shadows of doubt befall Jack Reagan’s integrity and ability to continue the case, which in turn becomes a noose around his neck in the search for the robbers. This is the style of The Sweeney, and this is the way that Reagan has played it out throughout his career as an Officer of the law…The path he follows however, may not be the path that brings him the result he is looking for.

The Sweeney back in the 1970’s was a tough, True Brit Grit series that became legendary in all ways, shapes and forms around the world. Having John Thaw (Inspector Morse) and Pete Waterman (New Tricks) as the very rough and dynamic duo that stabilized the Flying Squad, the prospects and expectation of Ray Winstone was admittedly a little bit of a shock to say the least. Yes, Ray had been successfully cast in “Sexy Beast”, and his performance was as entertaining as it was perturbing, but for such big shoes as John Thaw to walk in, the whole film would have to contain the essence of the original Series, as well as the Series.

What we saw here in the remake was unique – forget about the original concept for a moment here – and began to mould itself into a more subtle, deterrent-clad and gritty post-modern films. The modernised offices, the technology scale, clothing, vehicles and the sexiness in the entire scripting. The Sweeny 2012 was written, created and produced into its very own league for the generation of today, who know (or should know) that fucking with the cops will come back and bite you up the arse – And with the Regional Crime Squad aka “The Sweeney”, the one Squad you never wanted to come up against face to face, were these guys. Topped with the shadowy mystery, intrigue, sex, humour and loathing of the Thin Blue Line of Justice, it would be well advised for anyone viewing this film who remembers the Original Series that the whole John Thaw and Pete Waterman essence is still present, but the soul has been changed to a point of “Reboot”.


The DVD Archive Rating: 8/10


Additional Details:


Official Sites: Official Facebook

Country: UK

Language: English

Release Date: 12 September 2012 (UK)

Also Known As: The Crime

Filming Locations: London, England, UK



£2,000,000 (estimated)



£4,474,661 (UK)


Company Credits:

Production Co: Vertigo Films, Embargo Films


Technical Specs:

Runtime: 112 min

Colour: Colour

Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1



Top Gear UK filmed a segment (series 18, episode 3) where they assisted in filming a chase scene for the film.


Jeremy Clarkson was rumoured to be starring as a member of the public who has his Jaguar stolen from him.


The title of the movie “The Sweeney” derives from Sweeney Todd, the cockney rhyming slang for “Flying Squad”, which is the name of the branch of the Metropolitan Police that Regan and Carter work for. The Flying Squad specializes in investigating armed robberies and ambushing suspects in the act of their crime. They are frequently armed although not routinely as depicted in this film.


Ray Winstone was in the Sweeney TV series as an extra in the episode The Sweeney: Loving Arms.


The finale of the film is set in the seaside town of Gravesend. But actually Gravesend is home to the training centre for the Metropolitan Police’s firearms teams. The villains choose to make their escape through the only town in England that is normally brimming with armed police.


The Sweeney – 2012 (BluRay Review)



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