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Banshee (2013– ) Television Series Review

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Cert: 18/R

Format: TV Series

Runtime (Episode) 60 min

Genre: Crime/Drama/Mystery


Cast Of Characters:


Antony Starr…Lucas Hood (10 episodes, 2013)

Ivana Milicevic…Carrie Hopewell (10 episodes, 2013)

Rus Blackwell…Gordon Hopewell (10 episodes, 2013)

Matt Servitto…Brock Lotus (10 episodes, 2013)

Trieste Kelly Dunn…Siobhan Kelly (10 episodes, 2013)

Ryann Shane…Deva Hopewell (10 episodes, 2013)

Frankie Faison…Sugar Bates (9 episodes, 2013)

Demetrius Grosse…Emmett Yawners (9 episodes, 2013)

Hoon Lee…Job (8 episodes, 2013)

Matthew Rauch…Clay Burton (8 episodes, 2013)

Ulrich Thomsen…Kai Proctor (6 episodes, 2013)

Christos Vasilopoulos…Widows Peak (6 episodes, 2013)

Christopher Cozort…Slaughterhouse Saw Operator (6 episodes, 2013)

Lili Simmons…Rebecca Bowman (5 episodes, 2013)

Ben Cross…Mr. Rabbit (5 episodes, 2013)

Deja Dee…Alma (5 episodes, 2013)

Gabriel Suttle…Max Hopewell (5 episodes, 2013)

Steve Coulter…Elijah Bowman (5 episodes, 2013)

Stevie Ray Dallimore…Gregor (5 episodes, 2013)

Joseph Meissner…Mikhail (5 episodes, 2013)

Derek Cecil…Dean Xavier (5 episodes, 2013)

Jennah Chandler Hardy…Amish women (5 episodes, 2013)



Lucas Hood (Antony Starr), an ex-con and master thief assumes the identity of a murdered sheriff where he continues his criminal activities. His past seems to haunt him by those he betrayed years earlier. This ex-con imposes his own brand of justice where violence erupts at every turn in the not so quiet Amish town, Banshee, Pennsylvania. Written by megcak555

The DVD Archive Review: Opening up with the first 4 Episodes which crossed our desk, we found that Episode One (Pilot), Lucas’ release from prison to the point where we finally find out why he has been incarcerated takes too long. The obvious choice and method of getting around this is to watch our Trailer first and then, if you want to watch the series, you will be totally aware that he has been doing time for a reason.

Moving on to the action sequences in Lucas’ search for an address, we discover that there are no cops on the street drawn in their swarms by the destruction and mayhem which the pursuant of Lucas causes, though the fire brigade are luckily the first on the scene. It is now that Lucas escapes the city and heads out to the address, while a short Sub-Plot kicks in with the introduction of Mr Kai Proctor, a ruthless businessman (Ex-Amish) who has one big chip on his shoulder when it comes to the town of Banshee. Returning to Lucas, who has now filled us in on why he was in prison, why he is so angry at the world and why he has all intent and purpose of staying in the town, we discover also that the reason’s behind his name change from leaving prison to deciding to stay in Banshee.

All in All, the new television series “Banshee” has come across as this low budget attempt to take over some other shows. Unfortunately, whoever it was that believed that this was the case is not only wrong, but they are mistaken on many points. Banshee is fresh, and yes, it is a slow starter at first, but continued watching of it explains why this is so. We have no choice but to give this series a good Thumbs Up.

The DVD Archive Rating: 8/10


Additional Details:

Official Sites: Official site

Country: USA

Language: English


Company Credits:

Production Co: Your Face Goes Here Entertainment, Cinemax


Technical Specs:

Runtime: 60 min

Sound Mix: Dolby Digital

Color: Color

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 HD


Did You Know?

Crazy Credits

Each episode has an additional scene after the end credits.


Banshee (Official Television Trailer)



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