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Housos vs. Authority (2012 – Review)

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Housos Vs. Authority 2012Genre: Comedy

Release Date: 1 November 2012 (Australia)

Cert: 18 (R)

Director: Paul Fenech

Writers: Paul Fenech (creator), Paul Fenech


Cast Of Characters:

Jabba…Dazza Jones (as Jason ‘Jabba’ Davis)

Stuart Rawe…Reg

Kevin Taumata…Kevin

Vanessa Davis…Vanessa

Brooklyn Taumata…Vanessa & Kev’s Kids

Jaylin Taumata…Vanessa & Kev’s Kids

Shante Taumata…Vanessa & Kev’s Kids

Paul Fenech…Franky Falzoni

Crystal Sullivan…Crystal

Trinity Porter…Kazza

Tahir Bilgic…Habib

Rob Shehadie…Rocky

Ashur Shimon…Abdul

Ara Natarian…Ara

Mohammed Hammoud…Mo

Elle Dawe…Shazza Jones

Liz Harper…Cheree

Maret Archer…Beryl

Graeme Purtell…Old Scooter Guy

Angry Anderson…Angry

Gregory King…Tank

Aaron McTaggart…Gronk

Craig Ward…Simmo

Mark Honey…Skully

Russell Gilbert…Narrator / Bazza

Nicole Sharrock…Barmaid

Angus Robson…Baby Neddy

Braydon Hawes…Shazza’s Kid

Blake Hawes…Shazza’s Kid

Ian Turpie…Wazza

Mark Duncan…Cop Mark

Mike Duncan…Cop Mike

Garry Who…Cop Garry

Murray Harman…Murray the Cop

Joe Mifsud…Habib’s Mum

Michael Saker…Bus Driver

Joan Carroll…Rayleen

Briony Fagan…Young Rayleen

Steve Hughes…Keith the Kangaroo Trainer

Maia Robson…Little Shazza

Elliot Marynissen…Young Wazza


Storyline: Shazza Jones is a die-hard resident of “Sunnyvale” the roughest, toughest, meanest area of Australia not yet rejuvenated by the Australian Government. Packed together inside this ‘Hope-less’ place of low-life, and acutely destitute estate are some of the most inhuman bacterial scourges that are left to their own devices; The Junkies, who will have anything that resembles a valuable meal ticket for their next hit of heroin. The Bikers, headed by Angry (Angry Anderson), whose authority and rule over parts of Sunnyvale echo his warnings to stay out of his way, and then there is Kev, Franky, Shazza and Vanessa – together they make up the estate into what is it today…Unbelievable!

The story of “Sunnyvale” is told through the experiences and guidance of Shazzas’ Uncle Bazza, whose daily life revolves around the slot machines, pub and pleasurable assertions while under the stupor of alcohol. And the story which he tells us is the quest of Shazza scattering her old Mom’s ashes of “Aires Rock”, which just happens to be one of Australia’s National Monuments.

In a desperate mission of reaching her Mother before she passes away, Shazza approaches the last person in the world and asks for their help – Angry, of the Bikers Gang – who in return uses her dilemma to a lucrative advantage. So, with a soulful of good intentions, four best mates and an unlimited fuel credit card, Shazza drives all the way to Aires Rock. Unfortunately, things don’t go to plan, as the zany group of AusChav’s get themselves arrested, broadcasted all over Australian television and, to make matters worse, leave Franky to experience some very personal deep probing from an unexpected guest in  the desert.

Housos Vs. Authority is a very ‘Tongue in Cheek’ film that will not be to everyone’s taste of comedy, especially as this new Writer/Director adopts the attitude where “What you see, is what you get”, and that is where the warning should be adhered to. Two scenes in which were considered a little extreme were one scene where Shazza has a flashback to when she was three years old and her mother teaching her to roll her first “Cone” (Joint), and then a couple of seconds later, when she rekindles the thought of seeing her parents making out on the family breeding chariot. Of course, with these two scenes put aside, what we see is a great and funny, well put together film that would equal that of a British “Shameless” – and, wipe “Shameless” out with its quick, dry, no-holds-barred, slapstick comedy extravaganza. True, this is an Australian film, and anyone who says Aussie’s don’t have a good sense of humour – think again… This movie is going to make you laugh until you cry, whether through the one liners of Shazza Jones, the after effects of Kevin’s physical abuse by his beloved, the zany antics and madcap plans of Franky – The Thong Basher – or just generally taking in the unbelievable reactions by the cops that patrol the whole estate. They are so “Dumb Ass”.

The DVD archive Rating: 9/10

Favourite Tag in the movie by us: “There nothing but f****** Oxygen thieves” in reference to the scene where the teenagers of the estate have just smashed the rear window of the police car and scarpered from the scene.


Additional Details:

Official Sites: Official site

Country: Australia

Language: English

Release Date: 1 November 2012 (Australia)


Film Budget:



Housos Vs. Authority (Official Trailer)



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