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The Brass Teapot (2012 – Review)

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The Brass Teapot 2012

Runtime: 101 min

Genre: Comedy/Fantasy/Thriller

Release Date: 4 April 2013 (Russia)

Director: Ramaa Mosley

Writer: Tim Macy (screenplay)


Cast Of Characters:

Juno Temple…Alice

Michael Angarano…John

Alexis Bledel…Payton

Billy Magnussen…Arnie

Alia Shawkat…Louise

Bobby Moynihan…Chuck

Steve Park…Dr. Ling (as Stephen Park)

Ben Rappaport…Ricky

Lucy Walters…Mary

Jack McBrayer…Joe

Debra Monk…Trudy

Michael Delaney…Mr. Tutor

Tara Copeland…Mrs. Tutor

Thomas Middleditch…Gilad

Bob McClure…Yoel (as Robert Michael McClure)


Storyline: Based on the comic book series “The Brass Teapot” about mid-twenty year old couple who, in these difficult economic times, finds a mysterious, magical brass teapot which makes them money but at a surprising price. After realizing the teapots powers, John and Alice must decide how far they will go to fulfil their dream. Written by Anonymous

The DVD Archive Review: Alice (Juno Temple) and John (Michael Angarano) are near their wits end in regards to living the American Dream, with John working in his dead end job, before being fired, and Alice, looking for that job which is above her in so many ways. So, if the chance to change all of that ‘Down on your luck’ was to be bestowed on any two people, would it be Alice and John?

Their apartment is rented by one of the old school Jocks who gave John a hard time, while at the same time offering the world to Alice, but owned nothing of the planet except the excuse for a manly object wrapped up in his pants. For John, he has something that Alice needs – in more ways than one – with his softness, charm and caring ways. And so, when Alice steals an old antique Teapot from a roadside store, she soon discovers something that is not only possible, but would be unacceptable by John – the Teapot rewards the barer cash for their pain! For each time that a scold, cut, bone break or major accident happens to the person or persons who have touched the teapot, they are suddenly paid out hundreds, thousands of dollars for their pain…Which is good, right?

When suddenly they’re world is invaded by Arnie (Billy Magnussen), the couples Landlord, who has witnessed them acting strange and succumbing to the rich pickings of the Teapot by unleashing their money-thirst beatings upon one another, John and Alice are confronted by the “Rabi Mafia”, the roadside store woman’s two sons who try to warn the two about the madness and death which will follow them both if they don’t get rid of the brass teapot. Of course, these are not the only people who are to interweave their lives to show how dangerous the object is, with the appearance of Dr. Ling (Stephen Parks), who has been trying to track the teapot down for many years, as his fore-fathers have tried to do before him.

In order to have the life, live the life and continue the life that they have finally acquired by the luck of the teapot, the outcome does not look good…While the giving up on the American Dream for that which made them the most happiest, the biggest and most selfless sacrifice may conquer that of a heart touched only by greed.

The Brass Teapot was found to be a really good stay-viewing film, which is certainly not a ‘Chick Flick’ or a film that would impress anyone – unless you were into Ann Summers Black Catalogue or something like that. From the outright we see that both John and Alice are very much in love with one another, especially at the point where Alice is confronted by Arnie – the Landlady – who asks her where she went wrong after winning “High School Prom Queen”, before looking down at John on his bicycle and cussing: “Oh that happened!”

You have to follow this couple’s plight through the duration of the entire of film, just to see if they actually make the right choices, opposed to the choices which any normal person would do – Keep the lamp and screw the Universe! But, I guess that would be readers of this review exempt from that, right? You would do the right thing.

 The general feel to the film that this is a love story, but also an ethical tale that is seldom told in a style which cuts across the subconscious. Though the objects of desire appear simple enough, it is not dismissed that people want the finer things in life, you know, the material things that place us a cut above the rest; car, house – big house – and lots of money. But, to see that the story is also trying to tell us a “Sub-plot”, as well as a main storyline where in the case of others finding out about the teapot’s magic gifts, we learn that sometimes “Money can’t buy us love” at the end of the day.

We would recommend “The Brass Teapot” to any couple who believe that they are within a life’s stranglehold that is worse than any other couples life on the planet, or quite simply, to see the film for its ingenious structuring around something so innocent looking, and yet, so deadly if hit hard enough over the head with it. A very good and enjoyable film that will do really well at the cinema, and, I feel just as good on DVD/BluRay.


DVD Archive Rating: 9.5/10.00


Motion Picture Rating (MPAA):

Rated R for violence, some sexual content, language and drug use


Additional Details:

Official Sites: Official Facebook/Official site

Country: USA

Language: English

Release Date: 4 April 2013 (Russia)



“Shoot It Up”

Written and Performed by The Amoeba People

Courtesy of M51 Records


The Brass Teapot (Official Trailer) 2012



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