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Superman: Man Of Steel

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Man Of Steel

If we were to say that the Summer is going to be pretty damn good, as regards to Motion Picture Productions that are heading our way, we wouldn’t be told otherwise. As films such as “Pacific Rim”, “Epic”, “Iron Man 3” and the new “Fast And Furious 6” hit the cinemas to kick off the Summer helping of ‘Blockbusters’. But looking further into the Summer with what is promising to be Spectacular, our own knowledge base information serves us correctly and confirms that “Superman: Man Of Steel” will be a Summer Release, as will “After Earth” starring Will Smith and his real off-stage son, Jaden Smith (Lol), and “The Purge” with Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey.

At the moment, it would seem, however, that the greatest Children’s film is that of “Epic”, while for those of us who are 12A and older the Summer looks to be blistering with great visual entertainment. More news on “Coming Soon” movies soon.


Superman: Man Of Steel (Official Trailer) Release: 14 June 2012



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