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Throughout these pages you will find all the films (Whether good, fair or bad) that we have watched, with some, few or many that we have reviewed also. As avid watchers of film and TV, we try to review all that we see and attempt to catch up with those that we have viewed in the last decade and as far back as the late 1970′s, 1980′s and 1990′s.

Our decision to use Picture’s, rather than to stay with the old Listing gave us the thought that people would prefer to see a visually stimulating idea of the film or TV Show, rather than having to go through the several links to see if they would like to Rent, Buy or go see at the Cinema, one of our featured “Reviews”.

Please enjoy your stay throughout “The DVD Archive 2″ and, please, if you are happy with our new layout, you can Subscribe, Comment, Rate or let us know how glad or unhappy you are with the new concept.

Thanks for dropping by.

The Network 2013/2016

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